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Primary School with kindergarten, realising the ‘Our School’ rehabilitation programme

The opening of a new school, whereby children in need of particular care by those responsible for their comprehensive development can receive education and rehabilitation, is a very special event. Let me thank and pay tribute to all those who have contributed to the creation of this school.

I heard these words on the opening day of “Our School” in Radom, from Ms Wieslawa Gorzelana-Galazka, of the Ministry of Education and Sport. The Non-Public Primary School ‘Our School’ operates in Przasnysz, Radom, Warsaw and Ostrołęką. It answers the needs of disabled children who suffer from damage to the central nervous system. The programme of the school is realised at the same time as the rehabilitation programme, worked out for each particular group of children. Classes at school and in the counselling centre complement each other. Employees of both places regularly cooperate and exchange information concerning their patients.
Children’s cerebral palsy is not a disease, but a state caused by damage to the central nervous system. It is a set of various symptoms, where the dysfunction of motor organs in the form of palsy, paresis, disorders of muscles tone, unintentional moves, disorders of balance and movement incoordination, are in the forefront.
Additionally, such disorders as epilepsy, mental retardation, eyesight, hearing, speech and behavioural problems may appear.
In children’s cerebral palsy other micro deficits also occur, such as: disorders of eyesight-movement coordination, lack of spatial orientation, disturbance of attention and thinking. Because of such a variation of disorders, the rehabilitation of a child with cerebral palsy should have a complex and multi-profile character.
The system of guided teaching - considered as leading in “Our School” - creates such possibilities. It is all about multi-directional stimulation of all disturbed spheres of development. It makes the child achieve the greatest possible self-reliance and independence. Guided teaching means systematic everyday interaction, i.e. the parallel teaching of basic functions essential for independence, - such as moving, self-service, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Great emphasis is put on the stimulation of emotional and social development. During the process of rehabilitation the child is a subject, not an object of interactions. Being active all the time, it feels as though it is the cause of its own achievements; it is satisfied and cheerful. Guided teaching is an educational solution to a medical problem, based on flexibility of the brain, the possibility to compensate any damage, and a neutral readiness for learning. We try in “Our School” to make rehabilitation activities and teaching a unity. Our aim is to replace a disturbed function with the correct one.
Every child has a great development potential, needing support and cooperation on the part of parents and teachers. Every child wants to be loved and to feel secure; it is interested in the world and wants to discover it.
Our aim, therefore, is to provide children with the best possible conditions for development, to give them a sense of stabilisation and security, and to prepare them for participation in different forms of social life. In short: integration with society.

Małgorzata Bal


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