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‘Aga’ Counselling Centre for Neurological Rehabilitation of Children and Youth.

The Centre provides neurological rehabilitation conducted on an everyday basis, and realises a programme of continuous, highly specialised, complex and integrated rehabilitation, mainly for disabled children with central nervous system damage, who require intensive rehabilitation, development stimulation and education in groups of children of a similar age.

Children stay in the Centre from 3 to 8 hours a day.
The Centre is open from Monday till Friday, 8a.m. to 4p.m.

The Centre provides the following rehabilitation services for disabled children:

  • Every patient participating in the programme is examined for movement ability, and receives highly specialised consultation and care provided by a specialist in rehabilitation, paediatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist, orthopaedist, oculist (according to individual needs), psychologist, speech therapist, and pedagogue.
  • Every child gets its own detailed, highly specialised and complex programme of care in the physical, psychological, educational and social sphere of their development.
  • Assessment of a child’s development is made according to a unified form, that was worked out in response to the AGA Centre’s needs, enabling the monitoring of a child’s development, thus adjusting the care programmes to the changing development and health needs of the child.
  • Conducting individual and group forms of therapy, together with a child’s development stimulation
  • Organising support groups for parents (according to needs); working with parents and siblings with the aim of providing them with advice concerning the maintenance, care, development stimulation and support of the child with particular attention to a child’s striving towards self-reliance; assuring the correct positions at home, enabling the child to be active; making the chances for development equal.

Additionally the Centre is active in:

  • Organising festivities that are helpful in overcoming the isolation of a child and its family caused by its disability. It is also a good opportunity to make friends and thus to prevent such exclusion.
  • Constant improvement of the staff’s qualifications through participation in training sessions (both external and internal).

The Centre is open to children referred by a basic healthcare doctor or doctors specialising in neurology and medical rehabilitation. Our medical manager and coordinator for the rehabilitation programmes decides about the inclusion of a patient in AGA’s therapeutic programme.


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